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Kayabaşı Makina started its activities in Denizli 3rd Organized Industrial Zone in 2017 with a cnc lathe of 100 square meters and moved to its new workplace with a closed area of ​​600 square meters in 2 years. He increased the number of machines to 8 in a short time.
In general, it provides machinery spare parts service to the manufacturers of machinery (textile, cable, textile recycling).
As Kayabaşı makine, one of our most important principles is to deliver timely and high quality products.
Thanks to this principle, which is followed by Kayabaşı makine, and the power it receives from its customers and the trust it has in its employees, it always works with its own strength by making an investment plan.

Our basic principle is to provide the best quality products and services to our customers with the joint participation and effort of our employees. We aim to bring a global mentality to the whole world by producing all our products in the highest quality, most economical way and at the desired delivery time with the understanding of continuous improvement, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, to produce them with the most advanced technology and the most qualified service.

In the industry, reliable, responsible, selfless, principled, developing the title most preferred supplier continuous increase customer satisfaction, following technological developments and innovations, constantly renewed, and followed the company that is to be exemplary.

Our Core Values
Customer Focus and Long-Term Thinking
Creating value for customers
Providing cost-oriented solutions
Be reliable
An innovator who cares about ethical values
Responsible,Responsive, Principled
Determined, Visionary,
Strong and patient in the face of difficulties

Quality Policy
To continuously improve the activities related to the Quality Management System, to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in a timely and complete manner in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements. In accordance with this purpose; To adopt the satisfaction of our customers and employees as a principle, to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements related to our activities and the requirements of the institutions and organizations we are a member of,

Ø To follow the technological developments in our sector,
Ø To ensure continuous improvement in quality and efficiency issues,
Ø To integrate with our customers with the principle of purpose by meeting the expectations of our customers with more,
Ø To ensure the individual development of our employees,
Ø Contributing to the national economy with the added value we create while meeting the expectations of our organization,
Ø To aim to comply with the Requirements of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve its effectiveness with the participation of employees in all business processes
Ø It is our primary duty both on behalf of KAYABAŞI Mechanical Engineering and on behalf of the society